I am a first year DPhil (aka PhD) student in Mathematics at the University of Oxford, supervised by Professor Kobi Kremnizer.

I did my undergraduate degree (MMath) at the University of Oxford. I then spent a gap year teaching Maths in a secondary school near my hometown in Yorkshire, before returning to Oxford in October 2021. My CV is available here.

I am a member of the Algebra Research Group. My research interests lie in quantum groups, TQFTs, homotopy theory, derived categories, derived analytic geometry, and Koszul duality. The focus of my DPhil will be to study analytic analogues of quantum groups and see what TQFTs we can produce from them.

Drop me an email at firstname.lastname@maths.ox.ac.uk or come find me in my office N0.02 if you have any questions about my research. I am also always keen to talk about Mathematics education and outreach.